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Sound Design

With Digital Underground’s classic “Humpty Dance” stripped of its beats we took hold of the challenge to create the world around “Larry” with both hands. Firstly layering in city atmospheres, then small detail work like the mechanics workshop, to give authenticity to the city streets Larry rolls through. Once everything was in place around Larry, we went to work on making him feel and sound real and in the environment. A number filters across later and we had the sound of Larry’s vocals being muffled as he rolled over his mouth, then some very subtle sounds of his eyes hitting the ground, finished off by sitting him in the city streets he rolled through. In the end this was a dream job that came together perfectly.

  • Rumble Sound Designer
    Tone Aston
  • Rumble Executive Producer
    Michael Gie
  • Agency
    Bear Meets Eagle On Fire
  • Production Company
  • Client