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NRMA Hailstorm


Sound Design



The sound design for hailstorm was all about the details. Rain and hail can easily sound like white noise so we meticulously recorded a huge range of sounds to ensure that each section of the project had distinct and clear sound.

When it came to the hail we decided the only way to create the exact sounds we need was the record hail in isolation. So we sourced a car bonnet and setup a full recording rig with a stereo, mono and contact mic and recoded ice in all different shapes and sizes hitting the bonnet.

We then layered and mixed these to create the perfect sound.

  • Sound Design
    Tone Aston
    Daniel William
  • Creative Agency
    Bear Meets Eagle On Fire
  • Production Company
  • Director
    Steve Rogers
  • Producer
    Caroline Kruck
  • Executive Producers
    Pip Smart