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Sound Design


We began this job after very early conversations before the shoot.
Putting the whole sound design team at Rumble Sydney and Melbourne on the job building a library of sounds to send to the team during the edit.
With no on set audio, we were building from nothing, to a “real” sounding world on fire in the Australian outback.
Collecting sounds from back yard hoses, buckets of water thrown at trees to creating our own unique fire sounds, this was a sound designers dream job.
The overall feel, a growing soundscape that explodes to life in flames, drenched in water to save the day.

  • Sound Design
    Tone Aston
    Liam Annert
    Dan Williams
    Sinclair Hunter
    Tane Lowrey
  • Rumble EP
    Michael Gie
  • Agency
    Bear Meets Eagle on Fire
  • Production Company
  • Director
    Steve Rogers