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Fight Dirty

Sound Design

Salvatore Ganacci not only makes great House music but has become known for his outrageous music videos and Fight Dirty was no exception. This anime world was born from the mind of Will Goodfellow, Tom Noakes and Greg Sharp and brought to life by the team at Truba Animation. The brief was to make this feel as authentic as possible, so we made sure to add genre specific sounds like heavy sub impacts, power ups, punches and the final piece of this puzzle, recording Japanese Voice artists for all of the characters. Drawing on the sound design of classic Anime like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto as well as contemporary masterpieces like Samurai Champloo and My Hero Academia to create a world for these characters.

  • Rumble Sound Designer
    Daniel William
    Tone Aston
    Tane Lowrey
  • Production Company
    Studio Goono
  • Animation Company
    Truba Animation
  • Director
    Will Goodfellow
    Tom Noakes
    Greg Sharp