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IG Trading



When distractions get in the way of your judgement, errors are made. The spot starts off in an everyday setting for a day trader, but something’s not quite right sonically from the outset. We wanted the world to feel a little off, using a hollowed out ambience like you’d find in space, where time and basic physics go out the window. Subtle delays and reverbs add to the inquisitiveness of what’s about to unfold, before the desk lamp flickers and turns off and the world gets turned upside down.

Creatively, we wanted to stay away from what would sound obvious. We used wave crashes for the bookshelf falling over, vinyl record scratching for the chair moving across the floor and birds flapping their wings as the papers flew out from the cabinet. After all, this was all in the traders mind and not really happening around him. As all the elements combine we begin breaking up the sound world, using distortion to really tear it apart before the trader takes action with the click of the mouse and peace around him is restored.

  • Rumble Composer
    Adam Moses
  • Rumble Engineer
    Liam Annert
  • Rumble Producer
    Bec Invanov
  • Production Company
  • Director
    Michael Spiccia
  • Agency
    Sunday Gravy