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Temple of Dry

Carlton Dry

Music, Sound Design

We approached the music as a filmic score that walked a line between east and west. The seriousness of the tone added to the comedy; with a building motif of strings, orchestral percussion, a full choir chanting “Beer”, and a touch of beer bottle pan flute to top it off.

With the sound design we initially attempted to recreate the feel of an 80’s TV show, but we ended up with more of a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon soundscape. Using everything from ice chests full to the brim and water buckets for the sound of feet floating on a lake, we wanted everything to sound as authentic as possible.

  • Sound Design
    Tone Aston
  • Rumble Executive Producer
    Michael Gie
  • Music
    Rumble Studios
  • Agency
    Special Group Australia
  • Production Company
    Good Oil
  • Director
    Adam Gunser