The musical composition for the evocative Telstra commercial is deliberately understated, highlighting the delicate and unrefined tonal nuances of a closely recorded piano. The piece serves as a poignant accompaniment to the story of a young boy’s challenging and arduous trek through the rain to reach his home. The score begins with a melancholic tone that sets the mood, but as the story unfolds, it becomes more mischievous and playful, with each chord and melodic line deftly mirroring and enhancing the boy’s emotional trajectory. Drawing heavily on jazz and blues harmonies, the score’s sparse yet evocative instrumentation blends seamlessly with the intricately crafted sound design, immersing the viewer more deeply in the unfolding narrative.

  • Rumble Composer
    Pete Corrigan
  • Sound Designer
    Tone Aston
  • Rumble EP
    Michael Gie
  • Creative Agency
    The Monkeys
  • Production Company
  • Director
    Steve Rodgers