What is Sonic Branding

Sonic Branding is an instantly recognisable and recallable audio identity. It’s a distinctive sound system for a brand. It can exist in many forms; a custom or licensed brand track, a carefully crafted mnemonic, a consistent brand voice, in-store audio cues, in-app notifications, or a combination. The most effective executions of sonic branding are incorporated into the end-to-end consumer experience.


It’s not just about audio logos; it’s about expressing the soul and personality of your brand through sound and creating assets that can represent this in all audio touchpoints. Using audio to strengthen your brand connection beyond visual media is a powerful asset in enhancing how consumers interact with your product or service.

Sonic branding is another layer of your brand experience that draws in potential customers and helps make their experience memorable. It’s most effective when utilised uniformly across all marketing channels and maintaining a consistent audio signature will trigger association, even without visual support.

In all cases, repetition and time legitimises – the longer your audience spends with your sonic branding, the stronger the association becomes.