Our process

Through our process we work closely with agency and brand to communicate through every step. Making sure that creativity and timeline management are all met from start to end.



We take the time to get to research your brand, digging into the personality and core values you represent, and understanding the feeling you want your customers to associate with your brand.



We’ll learn your marketing ambitions 
and discuss strategy for sonic branding integration; what audio touchpoints we 
need to hit, how the audio will work in 
these different environments and the 
plan to launch in to market.


Creative workshop

Experimentation, discovery and execution. Our team of composers and sound designers develop creative routes based 
on the brief assembled in the outreach & strategy phase. It involves extensive in house analysis, reviewing creative ideas against the brief markers, and multiple rounds of agency and client review and feedback.



Working through the creative process, 
we will ultimately arrive at the “the one”. 
Our production and composition team will then further develop, refine and master the chosen assets. They will look at production (EQs, reverbs, compression etc.), ensuring 
all components of the audio are of the highest quality. We test the mnemonic on 
a variety of speakers and devices to ensure the cut through is optimal.


Delivery & launch

A final tech check is completed before exporting masters for all media platforms. 
The agreed list of deliverables are finalised and delivered via a secure digital asset management system and the producer 
of the project will complete the final paperwork. The sonic branding is now 
ready to be launched.