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Audi R8

Sound Design



Nothing but high octane energy in this one. Sit back and enjoy the sound of the Audi R8 letting rip down an airstrip at almost 300km/h.

The sound design at the intro is quite bare to allow the listener to take in the scenery before the ignition jolts everything into gear. A series of quick cuts gives us the opportunity to hear the car from different angles, with no music bed allowing the purr of the engine and the wind over the car to take full control of the listening experience. Sit back and hold on.

  • Rumble Sound Designer
    Nat Joyce
  • Rumble Composer
    Johnny Green
  • Agency
  • Creative Director
    Cyril Louis
  • Agency Producer
    Mike Montgomery
  • Production Company
  • Director
    Johan Polhem
  • Producer
    Rosie Parker