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Sonic Branding


When Pepsi decided to turn their logo on every can, billboard, vending machine, film and socials into a portal to an alternate universe, we jumped at the chance to create the sonic branding.
The sound had to be a unique take on a black hole/wormhole/tornado that has splashes of Pepsi.
One of the fundamental sounds is a whirly tube, spinning and layered into a bespoke Pepsi can opening spray. Part sonic roller coaster, part water slide, it’s a wild ride into a new world.

  • Rumble Sound Designer
    Tone Aston
    Tane Lowrey
    Sinclair Hunter
  • Rumble EP
    Michael Gie
  • Agency
    Special Group Aus
  • Production Company
    Glue Society
  • Directors
    Paul Bruty
    Luke Nuto
    Millicent Malcolm