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The key to scoring this brand piece was restraint. Through use of a small ensemble, repeating motifs and pauses in the track, there is a perfect balance of simplicity whilst maintaining musical interest.
The music stands out with its unusual assortment of instruments (clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, violin and triangle) all recorded live to create a truly unique sound. The key clicks, breathes and bow strikes have been left in to create rawness and the instrumentation also helps achieve a sense of playfulness and quirk that the spot needs. Working hand in hand with the sound design, the sonic space is constantly evolving and scoring the action on screen whilst never being too excessive.

  • Rumble Composer
    Jeremy Richmond
  • Rumble Sound Designer
    Tone Aston
  • Rumble EP
    Michael Gie
  • Agency
    Bear Meets Eagle On Fire
  • Production Company
  • Director
    Steve Rogers