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Hello Yellow




This bright, fresh and fun spot has all the hallmarks of a broadway/Hollywood musical. This started as a simple vocal and piano song talking about saying hello to all the wonderful things in life, from spotting a cute guy out for a jog, finding a missing sock, or the simple pleasure of a nice piece of brie.

Once fully arranged, we went into the studio to do a live recording session to bring this delight of a spot to life. A beautifully scored step up at the end by the orchestra leaves you with nothing but a smile on your face, while you hum that catchy [Hello Yellow] tune for the rest of the day.

  • Rumble Sound Designer
    Liam Annert
  • Rumble Composer
    Adam Moses
  • Rumble Producer
    Michael Gie
  • Agency
    Pereira O'Dell
  • Executive Creative Director
    Jason Apaliski
  • Creative Director
    Simon Friedlander
  • Senior Producer
    Darbi Fretwell
  • Production
  • Director
    Terry Hall