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Eyre & Sea


Sonic Branding

In a life shaped around the natural world, Alan develops an unlikely relationship with a colony of Australian sea lions. Much like the diverse landscape and sea life within the film, our score ranges from lush cello and tranquil piano to coarse violins and deep sonorous synths. We wanted to create a dance between the beauty and struggle of our natural world, but also reflect the human story within. For the moments with rugged cliff faces and crashing waves, the score is expansive and broad, emphasising the harshness of the southern Australian peninsula. In contrast, the underwater sequences are scored more like a waltz to portray the beauty and intimacy of the marine world.

Eyre & Sea was officially selected for the San Diego International Film Festival and was screened as part of the Ocean Film Festival World Tour. To listen to the soundtrack, check our Spotify page

  • Rumble Music
    Adam Moses
    Jeremy Richmond
  • Rumble Sound Design
    Liam Annert
  • Director
    Jem Cresswell