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Music, Sound Design

When you get the opportunity to write music to pictures this great, you jump at the opportunity and you pull out all the stops. Scoring this beautiful little spot was a joy, and it was especially enjoyable to be able to use live strings to give it a truly unique, intimate and character-filled sound. This spot stands out on TV because of both,  the way it looks and the way it sounds.

With the sound design, the first thing we wanted to nail was the voice of our mountain creatures. We ended up taking the sound of a marmot, pitching and stretching it to create a unique language. This allowed the viewer to understand the mountain creatures’ sentiment even if they couldn’t understand their words. Then we moved onto building the sounds of fun from the children playing, giving them plenty of energy, by recording a group of seven year olds. Lastly, but maybe our favourite part, is the sounds of jet packs rocketing the kids into the sky.

  • Rumble Composer
    Adam Moses
  • Rumble Sound Design
    Liam Annert
    Tone Aston
  • Rumble Executive Producer
    Michael Gie
  • Creative Agency
    Bear Meets Eagle on Fire
  • Client
  • Animation Studio
    Sun Creature
  • Directors
    Louis Clichy
    Guillaume Dousse
  • Executive Producer
    Bo Juhl
  • Producer
    Guillaume Dousse