The Execution


TV & Film


Director Luke Bouchier briefed the sound design team at Rumble to craft an intense and violent soundscape that at times has you on the edge of your seat and then has you blown backwards through the intensity of the sound.

The team worked with an armourer in Russia to record real gunfire that was then mixed and treated to give it extra weight and depth in the action sequences, while having an authentic feel to it.

Employing all the disciplines of film, through dialogue editing and clean up, and foley, through sound design and final mixing the project for both online and cinema.

  • Sound Design
    Rumble Studios
  • Rumble Producer
    Irene Kakopieros
  • Director
    Luke Bouchier
  • Producer
    Vivienne Jaspers
  • Cast
    Jake Ryan
    Gary Sweet
    Eddie Baroo
    Jacqui Williams
    Sam Parsonson